Wednesday, December 9, 2009

LAUGHTER is the best release!!

I can't sleep--could have something to do with the grave shifts I work that really throw off my circadian rhythms but let's not go there right now--so I thought I would share some absolutely fantastic things that have helped me through the last couple of weeks as I've been trying to wrap up this semester. Most came from viewing them on my friend's blogs or Facebook profiles but MAN I tell you what, all brought a smile to my face and oft times a tear to my eye from laughing!...and as most of you know, I love to laugh :D

1) This, unfortunately, is so popular that you may not have any luck getting through during the day time hours but it is worth persisting in your efforts! Call 1-800-295-0051. This is the Nestle Crunch Hot line. When you are asked if you want English or Spanish just wait quietly and smile--it may take a couple times of them asking but endure. After that make sure to press option 4. At the next menu listen to the options but know that a really great one is #7. Fair warning, the menu options are also voice activated so if you start laughing really loud it will interrupt itself and go back to the old, "I'm sorry, we could not understand you, please try again..."

2) I invite you to check out . On their homepage you will see "Mission Highlights" off to the right. Some of my favorites are...ANY of the Spontaneous Musicals, High Five Escalator, Human Mirror, No Shirts, Frozen Grand Central...maybe I was just in the mood but man, the musicals really got me :)

3) The next two are a duo because it's essentially the same thing...really funny pics. and . My Favorite part of the "People of Walmart" is seeing which state it's in by looking at the caption below the pic.

4) My friend Shannon Murdock's Blog...sorry folks, can't share this one, but man! You should write a book Shannon! Her husband Joey takes the most amazing pics as well!!

5) SHEEP! Who knew! Just cool!

6) SOOOOo AWESOME! I want to do this someday...don't tell my mother!

7) So awesome! Reminds me of my dad's ingenious "jimmy-riggin"!

8) I could cut and paste all the funny emails, articles, posts, etc., but I'm sure you get enough of those on your own.

9) And finally, last but not least, some of you may have seen me post this on FB already but it's worth a repeat!! Ellen's book is pretty funny too if you ever get the chance.

So there are a few of the things that successfully distracted me from doing my work. No worries though, it's all done now and I have a small break until Spring classes start.

Send me your funny, cool, interesting stuff so that I can stay equally distracted next semester :D

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