Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Psychic Phone!!

I was on the phone with my dad this morning--yes, I'm the typical daughter, I did have an agenda before I called but that quickly flew out the window when I found out he was up in the nether regions of WYOMING! Anyway, he gave the CYA statement of, "If my phone cuts out I'm sorry...please continue..." So there I was explaining to him that I was still sick and my head felt like it was going to explode and my eye wouldn't stop watering so I had decided to stay home from work and he was giving his condolences when the offending--BEEEP, beeEEppp, Beeep--of the busy/you've-just-been-cut-off-by-failed-technology signal was going off in my ear. I looked at my phone with disgust and there was a big warning box across the screen that--no joke--said "Congestion!" Of course that was the reason it was giving me for the malfunction but still!!! Normally it says "Call Failed!" or something! But no! I laughed/hacked up a lung so hard that I almost had to change my pants :) What's even better is right after that I found this link my friend had posted and it speaks to this very situation! I LOVE THIS LINK! Check it out!


PS: I don't know how to just put the video on my blog page. When I go to "Add Video" it only lets me browse from my computer folder. If anyone is savvy to this technology fill me in!

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