Thursday, August 13, 2009


I can't decide if I keep staring at my blog and messing around with the colors because that's what you do with a blog or if I'm just in that state of mind where it's the only thing I can comprehend since it's 5:00AM...I leave the site and then 2 minutes later find myself gazing once again at my newest work of technological art! The worst part of it is that there's only one post thus why I feel compelled to make it not look so lonely. Kind of obsessive behavior and may turn into something I need to worry about if it continues over the next few days.

I keep visiting my friend's blogs for ideas...especially those who are also still single, just to see what in the world they actually write about! Since I do not have any spawn or a significant other to tout I am resigned to writing about...well ME and how I am experiencing the world right now I guess :) Should be a wild ride ;)

One thing I HAVE noticed while visiting my friend's blogs is that every time I browse to a different one it's like playing roulette--will the music blare or will there be silence; what kind of music will it be; who will come in the room while I'm madly scrolling to find the offending media player or for the mute button--most of the time I forget about that convenient feature on my spiffy laptop because I'm so flustered by the occurrence of the unexpected noise. Sometimes it actually takes me a minute to realize where the noise is coming from--for instance if it's a quite or slow song and it starts faint or their volume is set low (*Thank you for those who do this by the way*) so I find myself doing the "dog-head-cock" and asking those around me if they started hearing music as well. Then I investigate to see if my iTunes spontaneously opened and it takes me this long to realize/remember what is actually happening---enter the scrolling down in search of the source--

WHY IS IT ALWAYS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE PEOPLE?! Isn't there a way to set it so if I wanted to hear the soundtrack to your life I have the option to play it or not?

Dunno, personal preference I guess. ;) Love you all...especially those with media players on your blogs :P

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  1. Kelsey did the same thing when she started our (her) blog. I think you'll get over color scheming shortly. And I'm with you on the music aspect!