Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dating Brussel Sprouts...

Wanted to share this with a few friends also in the dating conundrum. This was written by my friend Tara Savage (some of you may know) and can be found on her blog: Savagely Written.
"Dating is much like a restaurant everybody (everybody=married people) has been raving about. Not only are they raving about the restaurant, they're insisting that YOU SIMPLY MUST TRY the crème brulee. So, you, being a fan of crème brulee, head to the restaurant. The service is so-so, you place your dessert order:
"I'll have the crème brulee."
"Excellent choice,"
says the waiter.
You wait patiently, mouth watering, for this delicacy. The people at the other tables are enjoying the rich flavor and you can hardly wait. Your waiter comes with your plate, you look down, and what do you find?
Brussel Sprouts!
Puke green, slimy brussel sprouts! And you HATE brussel sprouts. So your friends (the same "everybody" I referred to earlier) tell you:
"You just have to go back. Eventually the waiter brings you crème brulee and it is soooo worth it!"
So you return again and again, always ordering crème brulee, always receiving brussel sprouts. You waste your money. You waste your time. And to make matters worse, you find out that going to this particular restaurant in hopes of crème brulee is a COMMANDMENT!"

Usually I like brussel sprouts, but you get the analogy ;) Small irony: I can’t/shouldn’t eat crème brulee because of the dairy…perhaps therein lies the problem??

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