Sunday, September 13, 2009

Snuffle, Cough, Moan...

Ah, being able to stay home and do nothing...highly overrated! Why is it that when I'm sick and have a perfectly good excuse to be a lump on a log I absolutely do not want to! My skin starts to crawl and I pace holes in the floor right before climbing the wall! Best part is I have all this homework that needs to be addressed and of course it's the last thing to get any attention. Have I mentioned I've started crocheting a blanket...I know, I know, pick your collective jaws up off the floor. Jessica doing anything crafty?! Unbelievable--yes--but it's actually progressing quite nicely and I'll post a pic...when I get a little further :)

Being sick does have a few perks: Yesterday I was able to watch the 6 hour A&E version of Pride & Prejudice without the slightest twinge of guilt! And yes, I watched the new version today. I'll probably be talking with an accent in Old English style for a quite a while. At the risk of sounding like a complete couch potato, I did watch a few other movies too but none worth mentioning since they were just old chick flicks that just needed a re-watch. All in all I feel extraordinarily unproductive.

I did get out and take a nice little turn about a park we have close by; quite underused and under appreciated by the locals; mostly just used by dog walkers in the mornings but it has great little trails among some wild olive trees with a little board walk over a marshy cattail ridden area. Quaint and quiet...and right by the barn I used to keep my horse at, which I also happened to visit and subsequently missed my horse intolerably.

Truth be told it's probably kismet that I fell ill. Since I've happened to have time to really think it through, it's been since January of 2007 that I've been good n' sick! I give a nod to feeding horses most every morning as the reason for my long stint of good health, not to mention being exceedingly blessed! Sure I got a few sore throats and runny noses but nothing that put me out of commission like this. Thus my renewed drive to wake early and get a lung full or two of morning air--horses or not.

I've discovered a Catch-22 of sorts with being sick: You don't want others to catch what you may have so you try to keep your distance, but all you really want is to have someone give you a hug and say it'll be over soon or to sit and watch a movie with you or rub your shoulders or get you more water...There I admitted it, I like being doted on...but not smothered ;) hahaha, not too picky at all I know :)

EDIT: After a re-read I realized I made it sound like I was horribly poor and picked on, which is not the case at all! My mother would've been here in a heart beat if I would've let her, my dad n' Carolyn brought me over dinners and ran errands for me, and my sweet roommate brought her TV into my room for the aforementioned DVD watching and made me brunch...and just told me I may want to "brush up" a bit if I was planning on going out in public--ah, true friendship ;) one always needs someone around that can tell you when you look like a load of douche!

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